Writing concrete and clear content.

Brian Morgan leads a free writing course on Monday nights at 7pm EST.

Last Monday, Brian shared a simple writing practice to help trim a paragraph, full of details, to a few sentences that are concrete and clear.

I decided to try the exercise with our seven year old, Kellen.

Step 1: Write down 5 words about where you live.

Kellen: Michigan, Caledonia, trampoline, basement, upstairs Step 2: Write 4 sentences, with 40 words or less, using your five words.

Kellen: I live in the state of Michigan. Our house is in a neighborhood of Caledonia. I have a trampoline in my backyard. I have a basement in my house. My room is upstairs.

Step 3: Write 2 sentences, with half the amount of words, using your five words.

Dad tip: Think of how all 5 words relate to each other. I drew a sketch for a visual (pictured).

Kellen: I live in Caledonia, Michigan. I can see the trampoline from upstairs or the basement.

Dad: Nice work, Kellen!

Dad: What did you learn?

Kellen: Writing and math?

Dad: That's correct.

A great exercise for adults and kids. Message Brian Morgan about joining his class on Mondays.