Swimming towards the truth without knowing the outcome.

Do you swim towards the truth recognizing that, in most instances, you know nothing?

When we are kids, we accept others truths (parents, teachers, role models) when we are seeking reasons for our own existence. And, often we build on these observed set of principles to create a life plan for ourselves.

Then, through adolescence we begin to discover our own strengths, desires and biases based on learned experiences-- I am charming because I am told people like me.

But, to accept others truths without understanding and acknowledgement of our own weaknesses, creates blind spots- hindering our ability to set clear goals.

Most days, we execute on plans we believe will result in the best outcomes, our best outcomes. And, often accept feedback from those that share similar biases.

Being radically open minded allows for perspectives of alternative outcomes. Therefore, a search for the truth, not always your truth.

To breakdown our subconscious egos and blind spots, we must recognize our weaknesses, accept our ignorance in the world and be OK swimming towards the truth without knowing the outcome.