Sherlock Holmes - Problem Solving With Cause & Reason

When we ask students to solve problems, we often ignore that we are giving them framed information-- and that a student’s critical thinking is both the question, the information, and the frame. We need to help them see both what is there, and absent.

Sherlock Holmes was most notably regarded as a detective who could find cause and reason for which most others, inherently, chose to overlook.

Students and teachers alike, as human beings, search for answers we already believe to be true. Solutions based on learned or observed facts of a situation. We lean towards science because without understanding, we accept others research and observations as facts, not our own.

This is both a great asset, and liability, for our students. Teaching them to flip a problem on its head will allow them to develop foresight for things. A habit practice of problem solving through learned deductions.

We can teach students that effective problem solving is both an act of reason, investigation, and argument for the validity of that reason.

Originally published on LinkedIn.