Our futures are built in our priorities right now.

We sometimes catch ourselves, weeks, months, years in advance, accepting avoidable outcomes. And, in some instances, although realized, then, make a decision not to make a change. For students, this can be procrastination on a project-- result: low effort, poor grade.

We justify inaction by saying that it is a part of our personality-- but what that really means is that it is a part of our current comfort zone-- but that can change. Inaction is, therefore, a choice. We are, basically, prioritizing a different action in its place. And, sometimes, at the long term detriment of our mental and physical health.

A short term gain often trumps decisions made for long term satisfaction. We know exercise is important but we choose to watch TV instead of going for a run. A good TV drama makes us feel good, momentarily, but slowly separates us from where we truly want to be.

Personally, I, sometimes, prioritize sending a few emails for work, at night, in place of meditation and sleep. Assuming I will receive an immediate response and improved business results, tomorrow.

Our futures are built in our priorities right now. We can teach students, therefore, to create their futures by establishing mindful priorities now.

Originally published on LinkedIn.