Our brains construct our reality not interpret it.

A pile of empty cardboard boxes, to most, is accepted as trash, or to an environment conscious person, recyclables.

But, we can visualize past our initial perceptions of reality towards creation. Creation, rooted on curiosity, leading to the process of bringing something into existence.

Our brains construct our reality not interpret it. Therefore, we accept the reality presented to us, says David Eagleman in his book Incognito.

A conscious experience referred to as direct realism-- the idea that the senses provide us with direct awareness of objects as they really are.

A handful of cardboard boxes start off as trash. But with curiosity can be shaped into a community of small businesses (pictured). An example of brain power despite constraints such as age or knowledge.

We can teach our kids to dismiss our brains initial constructions of reality to allow for visualizing creations for the future.