Mindfully practicing, really focusing, allows our brains to develop myelin

Students have been thrown into a family, a planet, an economy, and a school system, that they did not ask for or have any choice in choosing. Suddenly, they are learning five or more subjects while still learning to tie their shoes, or exercise, or… This can lead to constant feelings of being overwhelmed. And, it requires intentional learning, which we haven’t always taught them.

We all need practice.

Mindfully practicing, really focusing, allows our brains to develop myelin- a neuron insulator that keeps our certain brains from grabbing other brain cell signals and causing us to be confused. Myelin helps students complete a homework assignment from start to finish, or, simply, strike a volleyball for a serve while in mid-air.

Developing myelin has given us everything from learning how to hold forks and spoons and do basic mathematics, to, for me, personally-- continuing to develop myelin through a practice of thoughtful writing every week.

Practice increases our ability to focus. Focus perpetuates our ability to grow.

Students are not “good” or “bad” students. They are more practiced, or less practiced. Teaching students focus in practice, improves results and strengthens elasticity for self development.

Originally published on LinkedIn.