Get Coached Podcast With Chris Ippolito

Show notes:

Bullying is one of the most common problems growing up. It can have a variety of effects on a child's development and often is associated with long-term adverse outcomes. Troy Rice wasn't immune to this and has had to live a life without confidence and continuously sought validation from peers, family, and colleagues. As a result, he lived a life dictated by what others thought was the right way and never really took a path that was his own.

Things changed when he was appointed Strategy Analyst, where he worked with other leaders and focused on recognition and talent development. Helping others with their personal development opened his eyes to what kind of life he wanted to lead and would be proud of. Now, Troy Rice is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur and mindset coach. He is dedicating his life to share two key messages with our youth: "your lives are your own" and "choose a path you can smile thinking about."

In this episode, he speaks about living your life on your terms and doing away with a fixed mindset. He talks about living with depression, being okay with it, learning to be grateful, identifying and prioritizing things that are most meaningful to you, and always choosing to lead with kindness.