Empathy and reflection, not blind action, created true value.

A few years back I started a business that would not be operational in a year.  We sketched it on a white board and in six months we had an online farmers market site.  It was too fast, and there were gaps in our strategy.

Creativity, aligned with passion, fuels all of us.  

But, creation can often blind us from understanding what those we serve truly need.  And, based on our understanding of personal biases, can keep us stagnant and blinded from current and future unknowns.  Something Chris Voss refers to as Black Swans.

The spark for an idea comes from the desire to learn something new.  Discovering novel information that we can then act on, is the fuel of designing something great.  But, it is a process that should be continually practiced, intently, seeking information with utmost care.  Empathy is just truth from another’s point of view. 

Empathy is the key to extracting critical information from others, to serve others. We find truths in our everyday uncertainties.

We were able to relaunch a new product and service for our company, Farm Brigge, only after asking more thoughtful questions and releasing our market-biases.    

Empathy and reflection, not blind action, created true value.