Embracing creative destruction gives us an opportunity to learn new habits.

Economic disruptors, such as COVID-19, create friction and cause us to develop new daily habits and “new normals” in our lives.  With the recent shut down of school systems, students and parents, alike, are being forced to engage in new methods of learning-- parents as teachers.

Friction is something we avoid, daily.  We accept convenience whenever possible. This steals the one thing we never get back, time.

But, embracing creative destruction leads to innovation in learning. Our two oldest boys (age 7 and 4), now, spend every morning learning from mom and dad.  This change brings challenges of active listening and patience. But, creative destruction-- has offered an opportunity for deeper conversations with our kids. Instead of, “How was school today?” At the dinner table, we’re asking “What did we learn about polygons today?”

Creative destruction, a concept in economics introduced in the 1950’s by economist Joseph Schumpeter, describes the process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within. There are, for instance, no horse- and-buggies on the road these days.

Embracing this new creative destruction gives us an opportunity to learn new habits, and consciously innovate our thoughts and feelings.

Originally published on LinkedIn.