Crisis To Crushin' It With Joel Ingram

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Podcast show notes:

This week on the show I have Troy Rice, Keynote speaker, Entrepreneur and inspiring others to lead a life of passion and fulfillment.

A realization that leadership grows from within, in addition to his 9-5 role as an analyst, he chose to spend the last 3 years developing and leading leadership programs, talent development programs, a work-life integration program, and a recognition program for a $2 billion company; this made him the face of cultural change, affecting over 700 employees. This is now the work he speaks about, and shares with the youth of today, every chance he gets.

He believes in a world where everyone pursues their life’s fulfillment, waking up each day grateful for what they have and eager to do great work that helps others and themselves.

Growing up, he was bullied in school and developed a habit of seeking validation and approval from others, while possessing a deep sense of responsibility to help those in need.

After realizing that his best work would be through leading a life on his own terms,he began a new habit the practice of deep thought and a will to advance his cause to inspire our youth to discover their why. He focuses on high school, middle school, and college-- which is where he wishes he had spent more time thinking and gaining perspective.

With advancements in technology and a rapid changing economy, we face the challenges of leading each day with a clear and thoughtful mind.

My life’s work to help our youth develop core value- adding habits, thoughtful communication, and execution, while minimizing distractions.

My message to our youth: Avoid living a life on other people’s terms. Believe in yourself; you are great; lead a life with a mindset of abundance and gratitude.

Your lives are your own. Choose a path you can smile thinking about.