Creation, itself, is its own reward.

I created Farm Brigge, an agriculture company, with a marker and a blank whiteboard. In less than a year, the Company helped over 65 farms and businesses, a presence in 22 farmers markets, had built 8 farm websites, established a restaurant contract/invoicing system, and provided Lean Farming coaching.

What it didn’t have, at least at that time, was income.

But I loved it-- and still do (and we are learning how to make it profitable).

But it has taught me: creation, itself, is its own reward.

Dan Ariely, in his book, Payoff, says the primary drivers of motivation for human beings are creativity, and ownership. Not, as is commonly misunderstood in business-- money.

We have an innate human desire to create. Creation, not safety, not comfort, is perhaps even our primary human motivation. Children have an innate desire to create, but not to protect themselves. It is both, perhaps the desire to make something for the world with our time, and place a mark, our legacy.

I usually talk to students about how to live more fulfilling lives; but this one, perhaps, the students are better at than we are. We learn from the kids-- they know, and I forget, but am reminded time and again through my own business, that creation is its own reward.

Originally published on LinkedIn.