Asking "propelling questions."

Many, right now, are being forced into rethinking current plans. For kids: how can I learn at home from my parents or online? For adults: how might I pivot in business?

These are difficult moments for both. Kids, rightfully, respond to new information with curiosity. This is what happens when we ask a seven year old to read a book: but I don’t know how to read. For adults, we often feel that life has given us enough context to require less curiosity.

In moments like this, all of us are children. A new habit, for all of us, in these COVID times: how can we begin to ask questions that propel new ways of thinking?

Mark Barden refers to this as the process of asking “propelling questions.” Questions that assist in leading us down a new path, with bold ambitions, forging new habits as a result.

Propelling questions for both adults and students right now: how can I navigate well around information I do, and don’t know? How can I adapt my business, my schoolwork, to information that is constantly changing? From here: reshaped paths to solve problems emerge.

Originally published on LinkedIn.