All ‘isms’ are similar- practices based on a principle, cause or theory.

All ‘isms’, (racism, sexism, idealism, socialism, etc) are similar- practices based on a principle, cause or theory. A religion, with certain belief systems, values, and therefore, fixed expectations.

But, values, acceptable or inexplicable (racism), cannot be changed through reason, only through experience. Because isms provide a root-- and feelings have grown around them. And, feelings cannot be verified or proven.

To address feelings, we need curiosity; and for curiosity, we need hope. Without curiosity there is no hope. Incurious people are rooted to the ism. Curious people can question the ism. And improve perspective. Information, although helpful, is not the only tool for improving ignorance. Feelings get in the way.

Information gets twisted by predetermined stances. The question, then, going forward-- isn’t only how to get more information, but how to raise one’s curiosity to look at the feelings and reactions to the information. Look at our own isms..

We weren’t born unkind. This is the primary curiosity, to me, when I investigate my own isms. Understanding this gives us an avenue to discover new information for ourselves, in relation to our own feelings. And therefore, continually, find more control, and more hope.

Originally published on LinkedIn.