A dream, supported with purpose, will lead you to create

Every day, we are surrounded by abstract interpretations of what might work best for us-- 3 steps towards a life full of happiness, or 5 techniques for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Learned practices, shared by others as a means of providing value, yet often overlooked and ignored for sometimes being undefined.

To dream is to imagine new realities. A purpose. A creation. A vision. An abstract state of mind that, without a foundation, becomes lost.

I dreamed, once, of designing a robot that could complete the entire process of washing and taking care of laundry. And, shared my idea with others who could help create it. But was met with resistance when being unclear and unwilling to define the ideal solution.

One year later, a dream of sustainability and education around local food, that was also shared with others, and progressed with clarity-- whiteboard sketches, business plans, and strategies for execution, to become a reality.

A dream, supported with purpose, will lead you to create. Develop your pillars and iterate your building blocks to make your dream a reality.