Meet Troy

Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and

Mindset coach

Like many kids, Troy grew up bullied—and often came home in tears.  As a result, he lived in his youth and even throughout parts of his adult life, as a person without confidence—always seeking validation from others—kids, parents, and eventually even some of his bosses.


In addition to being an analyst, Troy chose to spend the last 3 years developing leadership, talent, recognition and work-life development training programs at a $2 billion company, became the face of cultural change, and affected the lives of over 700 employees.


Troy believes in a world where everyone pursues their life’s fulfillment, waking each day grateful for what they have and eager to deliver great work to help others and themselves grow.


He now wakes up every day living a life he is proud to lead; and shares what he has learned through that journey with America’s Youth.

Lead life on your own terms

Troy Rice

Message to our Youth:

His message to our youth is simple, and built on his own story, and self-discovery:

1. Avoid living a life on other people’s terms; it doesn’t work, and you are not a tool in somebody else’s toolbox. You get to decide your own use in life.


2. Believe in yourself; Troy spent 25 years unfulfilled in his personal and professional life. He shares how he learned he was both his biggest obstacle, and greatest asset, to achieve happiness.


3. The world is full of opportunities; Troy has found that work follows passion. He has been able to serve in both the agricultural space and the education space, areas he is deeply invested in—and areas he has received recognition on Fox 17 and CBS news.


It is Troy’s core mission in life to share with our youth: Your Lives Are Your Own. Choose a path you can smile thinking about.