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Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and

Mindset coach

Like many kids, Troy grew up bullied—and often came home in tears.  As a result, he lived in his youth and even throughout parts of his adult life, as a person without confidence—always seeking validation from others—kids, parents, and eventually even some of his bosses.


In addition to being an analyst, Troy chose to spend the last 3 years developing leadership, talent, recognition and work-life development training programs at a $2 billion company, became the face of cultural change, and affected the lives of over 700 employees.


Now, he wakes up every day living a life he is proud to lead; and serving America’s Youth.

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Lets discover the world with a clear mind.

Personal stories and techniques to help you lead a life on your own terms with clarity - minimizing distractions that add no value to your pursuit of life fulfillment. 

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Practicing Gratitude




Values to Goals

Social Media Mindset

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Michael Graham

Health & Physical Education Teacher, Sparta High School

"Troy's presentation delivered a very powerful message to all of my students in Health classes at Sparta High School. His practical approach and use of thought provoking questions left them with information that was very applicable. Troy engaged students by telling them how easy it can be to overcome difficult life situations and how to achieve goals by eliminating distractions."

Laura Macka

Assistant Director of Alumni Communications & Development, Davenport University

"Troy's enthusiasm and passion for speaking to people about finding their passion are inspiring. He is engaging; offering anecdotal stories that are relate-able to the crowd. Our group connected with his presentation and were eager to share their goals in the end. I think for many, it was probably the first time they were able to put to paper what they had probably always been feeling. It was a very productive and rewarding experience for our group."

Gregg Hampshire

Director of Education, Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

"Troy Rice is a remarkable speaker who has inspired numerous students throughout West Michigan, not only through presenting his own story, but also engaging them to think about their own decision making. Additionally, his entrepreneurial spirit and community-minded business practices he modeled has impacted the way Junior Achievement students perceive business and encouraged a perspective that isn’t self-serving, but rather socially-focused."


"Troy is a dynamic speaker whose impact will be seen in this next generation as they enter the world of work."

Justine Shelton

Assistant Director of Student Life, Davenport University

"Troy opened up a thought-provoking discussion and the students really enjoyed the session. He also included key take-away's for the students to leave with, and this allowed them the ability to retain the information even after the program. He did a phenomenal job and we would love to have him come back and speak again for future events. " 


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Tips and practices to reshape bad habits and regain clarity in a world full of distractions.


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